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Curious Married Man First Time Breast fetish chat rooms am a confused married man and do not recommend this behavior that is displayed in this true to be done by anyone. It was horribly irresponsible to my family. I am writing to share my experience and see if anyone can relate. This is the first story and I have many to share. I am not a professional writer so please be patient with my writing. I had been married for 6 years with two young children and found it more difficult to control my curiosity.

Age: I am 70

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Originally Posted by cjcurious.

I am very much attracted to women - even if the feeling is rarely mutual. But I am willing to PM here and on the outside. I often imagine myself servicing a pretty trans girl. And I am shy and quietly say Jedburgh sexy grans And it goes from there.

Justforthefun is offline. By contrast, I am not attracted to men and don't even notice them when I'm out and about.

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Originally Posted by novice68writer1. It's interesting to see how similar the situations are for so many men: Quote:. And your a guy, you have needs, you have desires. Married but not very happily. A lot of the posts on here I can completely relate to. I would love to talk Milf moms in Sterling Heights nc you about my thoughts. I have pics and vids to share and have a big cumshot fetish. Maybe you feel weird having these bi curious thoughts and finding out other guys have the same thoughts gives you a sense that hey your not the only one out there feeling like this.

You know you watch a blowjob scene in porn and wish that you cock was getting sucked and that you were also doing the sucking, sound familiar? I won't bump anymore. Be very happy to Wife wants nsa Lakehurst PMs especially from anyone in the UK.

Finding Adult personals erie Swinging trusted friend to have occasional fun with would be incredible. But if your bi curious at all. Panttt4Me is offline. Suenjames00 is offline. Originally Posted by Mrfixitgood. Either PM me or reply all and lets have some Utah fuck buddy conversations.

Man4Strapon is offline. Or maybe it's been years and years since you have had sex. Same situation here. Maybe you have sex with your wife but it's boring.

How many cocks did you suck this year, and what kind?

Hey I'm deff in the same boat. The curiosity is restricted solely to the cock. Maybe you had some fun as a. For all those guys out there that are simply bi curious. I check them out everywhere Sex chat 50 plus go.

And yes a special neighbor would be my dream.

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It's like lets talk about what makes us bi curious. Think about what it would be like to suck a cock and have it fill me with his hot come. Find More Posts by load Originally Posted by schiltron.

Hi all, mid 40s from London here. Register Now - It's Free! Come on guys, I know you are out there.

Well now is your chance. I would have to at least think they are decent and handsome. But in the right situation like with a trusted friend or a good neighbor you could see yourself reliving your fun from your teenage years. Hi, I think I am in the same boat. I would love to find a guy close by that we could share our cocks with each other.

Maybe you never thought about that for years or even decades but you find yourself thinking about it once again. Cwslurper is offline. Yeah same situation. I hope you know how to have a conversation besides "Show me your cock". Otherwise very happy to post on here - how many guys have had experiences in the last five years or so?

Find More Posts by cjcurious. It would Cordele mature woman wont sex be fun to be watching a game with them.

Bicurious MWM looking for men in a similar situation. Maybe our Horny naked Church Hill Tennessee our out shopping. You always want to say something, but you never do. Then we are talking about what it would be like to have such a monster cock. If what I write perks your interest, drop me a note.

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I posted in a bit more detail about it on another thread so feel free to read that if that floats your boat. Definitely have similar thoughts Near Sioux Falls, SD. Twistedkink is offline. You are married with kids or maybe married and your kids are grown and out on their own. Wish I had a neighbor to have fun with.

I will likely never act on my curiosity, but it's fun to talk about and use as fantasy. We get to talking about porn the way guys do. So you surf porn and jerk off. Originally Posted by mijbob I believe there are a ton of guys that feel the same way. No sex Free fuck buddy in Hilborough at all. Have we had any experiences in the past, maybe in grade or high school. Go to Mrfixitgood is offline. Have played around with toys, etc since my early 20s.

Maybe you check out Lit, maybe you read some great stories. Dreamer My horny dates online now. No emotional attachment but not just a random person either. Maybe you just want to chat with other guys in the same situation as yourself. Discretion is a must.

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I still fondly remember what it was like Horny dates in Guthrie Texas so glad I took pics and vids at the time! Probably have had this itch for going on 15 years or more.

If anyone wants to direct PM me, please do. Then I make a comment like "Have you ever He pauses for a moment and quietly says "Yes How about you". And we already know the ratio on Lit is like 9 guys for every gal, or maybe it's 99 guys for one gal.

It's like I don't want to go down on any guy. And maybe you lurk around the personals section. But in the right situation like with a trusted friend or a good neighbor.

I try and be good and stay away from Lit but I am always drawn back in. Maybe you could never find yourself hooking up, or meeting a stranger or anything like that.

Never have sex with wife. And then we joke that "six inches is about right" or something like that. Because I am attracted to women, not attracted to men and curious about cock, I have become fascinated with attractive trans girls.

I can't meet or Skype or Kix or whatever. I have no thoughts of engaging in any romantic activities kissing, hugging, holding hands, etc. For Black women in Gander last several years since I've been aloneI've become curious about cock.